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Our Story

Abrazboom Company (A.R.B Co.) has been established with a focus on seafood business, considering the experience of its managers in the aquaculture & seafood for more than 20 years.

The main goal of this company is to Seafood Supply Chain Management. In the seafood supply chain management process, our main goal is to quality control and health of the product from the farm to the final consumer based on international standards.

The main Activities of this company are:

1- Aquatic (Fish & Shrimp) and seafood trade all over the world

2- Technical and Engineering services in the fisheries industry

3- Investment management in the fisheries industry

4- Agricultural products trading (Saffron, Date, Truffle ….)

Our Best Asset is Customer Satisfaction

Our main mission in this company is to supply healthy and good quality seafood in the first step, and we believe that this goal can only be achieved by managing the seafood supply chain. We are committed to providing healthy seafood according to the customer’s demand with continuous production. Customers’ suggestions and criticisms will be the best gift from them to accelerate our growth.

Committed to quality

Supplying products with stable quality is a task

Market oriented production

According to market demand is the secret of victory

More than two decades of experience

A twenty-year experience supply guarantees quality

Dr. Leila Khanlou

Managing Director

Saeideh Poursadi

Member of the board